Aerial Yoga hammock

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Aerial silk


5m L*2.8m W silk

  • This aerial yoga hammock set is made of premium quality material and hardware which is lightweight, long lasting and comfortable. It is great for stretching, relaxation and stress reduction.
  • The aerial silk is made of Tricot fabric which is durable, breathable soft & cool to touch. You can sit and cocoon comfortably in the 2.8m hammock slings as it conforms to your body contour and you feel a slight natural stretch. It is perfect for beginners, yoga practitioners and advanced aerial pilates.
  • Stainless steel mount bracket with screws and heavy duty climbing carabiners are easy to install and adjustable daisy chain straps allows you to adjust the hammock height. There are 6 loops on each daisy chain straps allowing you to adjust the length quickly. The additional rigging equipment offers you superior security and protection.
  • This hammock set comes with high quality silk (5m length, 2.8m width), 2 carabiners, 8 expansion screws, 2 ceiling/wall mount brackets, 2 adjustable daisy chains, all hardware ready for easy installation.

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